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The magic of Bake-Off

What a fantastic October afternoon! The sun shone and our talented village bakers impressed us even more this year with their creativity, flair and amazing flavours. We had an incredible show stopper this year - really, we wish we could have given out several hampers! Just look at the fine, intricate detail on this beautiful cake - every decoration made by hand - watch out! There's a new baker in town...

It was absolutely wonderful to see so many people enjoy their afternoon tea enhanced by our technical challenge category of scones, served with delicious cream and jam. We had such lovely entries this year - really unusual including a traditional pork pie, an Italian jam pie (tart?) and a Mexican 3-milk cake. We were also impressed by our Junior winner this year who produced an impressive chocolate cake complete with hand tempered chocolate decorations.

The magic of the Bake Off is that it brings joy and smiles to everyone who is part of it. It's all about community, sharing and warmth. We are so lucky to live in such a wonderful part of the world and there's nothing like cake, scones, tart, pies and brioche to remember what is important in life! Thank you to everyone who baked, all the tasters and helpers and everyone who contributed to making the afternoon such a success. Now.... what will the categories be next year? We are open to your suggestions...

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